Central Al Pain Mngmt Center

First in the River Region Serving Pain Patients with Cutting Edge Interventional Pain Management Care Since 1993.

The mission of Central Alabama Pain Management Center is to provide compassionate cutting edge care to the River Region citizens. In that vain, CAPMC is thrilled to announce the addition of Orthobiological Regenerative Medicine procedures. We now use your Platelets and Stem Cells to promote natural healing of your degenerative Joints and Discs of your Spine.


Call us to schedule an evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for Regenerative Interventional Care.

Generally our patients are referred to our practice. We do, however, accept self referral in some instances.

Your evaluation and treatment begins with our physician’s face to face visit. We do not use nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants to perform your evaluation.  At that time of your examination your treatment plan will be determined for you.

Services offered include the following:

Medication optimization and management

Interventional Nerve Blocks ranging from Epidurals, transforaminals nerve root blocks, facet joint blocks, large joint injections and Radiofrequency Neuroablation

Dorsal Column Stimulator Trials, surgical implantation, and reprogramming service are available

Proliferative (Prolo) Therapy stimulates Ligament and Tendon healing

Regenerative Medicine services range for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections to Stem Cell harvest and re-implantation for management of degenerative joints and discs.

All though we no longer implant Intrathecal Pain Pumps, we do continue to manage our previous implants.